February 12, 2006


I'm moving to www.maimearai.com to join Ben on our own site so see you there!

January 29, 2006

ซินเจีย ยู่อี่ มีหนี้ต้องใช้

I don't know what it's called in english but it's such a good red envelope. When I got to work the owner gave me one with some money inside. I think I like Chinese New Year more thank the Thai New Year because noone gives me money then.

The grandma who always talks to me was telling me all about the tradition and offered to let me clean since she isn't supposed to during the new year period.

Anyway, happy Chinese New Year!

January 28, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Thank Ben that I just finished my magazine. All of the work belongs to him (even though he told me all the time that I'm so lucky to have him). I feel like I should tear a portion of my degree off when I graduate to give to Ben. The magazine I'm talking about is part of my airline business subject. I had to search for information on the airline business and I must thank Ben because I don't know anything about computers and he did it all the design for me.

Ever since I had to prepare all of the information for the magazine I haven't had much time to play my game, Lineage 2, and I actually asked Ben to get the new software for me from True but it wasn't available yet, even though 7-11 is a child company of CP who own True. Anyway, if it continues to prove difficult I might give it up and play World of Warcraft like Baba instead.

These days are not very good for me considering that I can't play my game, have to do my magazine and my final exams are getting close. It was a big problem last week when the Australian Open was on and I wanted to cheer on my favourite player (Serena Williams). Unfortunately she lost against Danielle Hantuchova. How disappointing since Serena is seeded much higher and is the defening champion from last year. I have a question for her: Doesn't she love tennis anymore? Doesn't she want to be number one? Is she more interested in being on tv? I hope this is a really big wake up call for her.

January 18, 2006

Ethics And Russia

I've lost a lot of respect for my Russian Professor since finding out that he and my friend from Sisaket, who I went to school with, are dating. My friend has been absolutely dying to tell me all of the gory details about their sex life, but I don't care so he doesn't get a chance.

When I asked Ben what he thought about a teacher having a relationship with their student he said it is really, really bad and generally frowned upon. When I told him who it was that I was talking about he laughed out loud - he actually guessed who it was before I told him.

Now my friend doesn't turn up to class or exams because of his 'special status' with the professor and I'm getting pissed off because of the hard work I have to do and he doesn't. Should I let slip what is going on and let the story explode?

Three Hours Of Nothing

When I got home today, after being pissed off by my farang professor and feeling so tired, I decided to have a sleep. Everyday when I finally get to sleep Ben always calls to interrupt me, which he did again today. Today he called to tell me that I should play Lineage 2 since they are doing a promotion before introducing Chronicles 4, the latest expansion.

I logged in and tried to get the free experience that they were supposed to give today and after standing in an amazingly long line of hundreds of players for three hours, I gave up. The other things they gave, which didn't require me to waste any time at all, were money and all of the skills my character could possibly have. I bought the best gear I could and decided right away that I needed to summon my latest pet - a Dark Panther (a level 76 summon and I'm only level 34).

After standing in the line for three hours waiting for the GM I was pretty upset and swore quite a bit in English until someone complained that I should stop saying it in English, daring me to say it to the GM in Thai when he came back (he didn't come back that I know of).

My new summon is definitely better than Ben's bear and looks much more powerful and dominant.

Things got a little slow with so many people in the one area.

January 14, 2006

Poor Kids

Today Ben dragged me to Siam Paragon to visit the Books Kinokinuya, which he read is the biggest in Thailand from Lynn's blog (he's upset because the computer section is so tiny and full of 'Dummys Guide to...' books). I liked it because they had a big comics section and I found a comic I like, but didn't buy it because it was 420 baht - just for a few pages of drawings! The paper quality is really crap so I was surprised they were asking so much for it!

Anyway, to get to my point for blogging today, on the way to Kinokuniya they had a childrens day activity going on. I asked Ben to stop so we could watch but he said it was stupid after watching for a few moments. They were teaching english to those poor kids pictured above and the host/girl always spoke english as if all the kids could understand and was showing them colours on cards asking them what colour it was in english.

None of them said anything the whole time, probably wondering what she was saying, but we had the colours red, blue, green and 'indigo'. Ben laughed when she said indigo and complained that she should have said purple instead because it has less syllables. I have to agree with him because in preschool they would only teach kids how to recognise and say purple, not indigo.

Since we got home Ben was complaining more about the indigo girl and said she should have asked them to say vermillion or some other long-worded colour. I think they were trying to make the activity seem 'hi-so' but from what I could see the kids couldn't follow indigo girls english and stood like zombies on the stage.

January 11, 2006

A Smoking Car

Today, when I got off the bus on my way home from uni, some guy driving a saloon had smoke coming from the front of his car. I said to myself "How could that guy drive such a smoky car?" and suddenly he jumped out of his car and ran into a building, standing watching his car burn. I stopped because I was so afraid the car would explode so I didn't cross the road, instead using the escalators to hide in case it combusted further. The vendors on the street shouted to each other and ran for their lives thinking along the same lines as I.

Noone did anything about the car and the smoke started to get very thick, blowing everywhere, but the owner was still standing inside doing nothing. I dragged myself close to the car, or as close as I was willing to go, to get this photo.

This is after the fire had been extinguished by the police.

That car wasn't old, it was a Toyota Camry - beware Camry owners!